Monday, June 9, 2014

“Vitality-Mortality series”.

Residency at NIV Arts Centre, Delhi, May 2014. 

This series made at NIV Art Centre is my first foray into canvas painting since college, it looks at the dynamics of vitality versus frailty/mortality & was made in response to intermittently looking after my Mum  through periods of ill-health.

I referenced 2 Frida Kahlo figures as I felt an affinity with her ongoing encounters with frailty & the very different Mexican attitude to death. I used the Tantric goddess as a powerful female metaphor for energy & vitality; I used cancer cells as metaphors for disease as background elements which I found very beautiful in themselves.

The paintings are 2ft x 2ft with acrylic paint.

This is a pencil, cut-out drawing (The heart is taken from a Frida Kahlo painting).


Work made at an International Painting Camp, Alva's Education Institute, Mangalore, December 2014

I used images from the Victorian Studio Archive that were the central images for the “Little girls” series. In this painting I am looking at journeys on different levels- from girlhood to old age, the evolution of women's rights &  from a personal angle. The figure in the centre is my Mum who had happily been released from hospital the week before with me flying back in a panic from Bangalore.

Canvas, acrylic, pencil, watercolour, paper cut-outs, doily elements. 3 ft x 2ft

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Soft Power

This is an ongoing installation of sculptures playing with issues of femininity & conditioning using the doll-form. The pieces can be seen as a more "other-worldly" counterpoint to contemporary mass-media representations of the female form. 
The pieces range from 9 inches – 3 foot high, are carved in polystyrene, laminated in fibre-glass, hand-painted with acrylic & collaged with doily elements.

The latest pieces - April 13, from left clockwise "Girl-power doll", "Mermaid doll", "Recumbent doll", "Siren doll", "Existential doll", "Romantic rose", "Small bird-doll".

"Recumbent doll"

"Big seated doll", "Christ doll" & "Bird-doll".

"Big seated doll"


Work in progress image of "Siren-doll" & "Posturing doll".

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Holding up half the sky", Solo show in Bangalore. March 2013.

The show opened on March 8th, International Woman's Day. Themes involved femininity, the beauty industry and celebrity culture. An article on the show in "Time Out" can be seen at

"Madonnas" Acrylic, graphite pencil, Hand-made paper, doilies. Approx 5 foot 9 wide.
"Life goes on" Mixed media – digital print, Hand-made paper, lamination, pencil. Approx 37 ins wide.

"Whiter shade of pale" Mixed media - Hand-made paper, Doilies (English paper place mats), digital images taken from the internet, watercolour, acrylic. Approx 5 feet 2 inches high

"Big doll with small bird" (unique) 2013
Fibreglass, Doilies, acrylic, emulsion paint, fabric. Approx 5 1/2 feet high.

"Girl with bird", Approx 10 inches high, Bronze.

"All that glitters". Bronze, gold leaf, chain. Approx 8 1/2 ins high.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Prelapsarian Idyll"

This triptych looks at the way women have been viewed historically, through religious paintings and old photos found in an archive of Victorian studio-shots

Approx 5 1/2 ft x 31/2 feet. Materials - hand-made paper, pencil, acrylic, doily elements.

"Prelapsarian Idyll 1"

"Prelapsarian Idyll 2"

"Prelapsarian Idyll 3"

This work was in a collateral event for in 2012-13.
This triptych looks at the way women have been viewed historically, through religious paintings and old photos found in an archive of Victorian studio-shots

Monday, May 21, 2012

"Drawing across" project

This was an interesting project involving artists & women from the mental health & criminal justice system. People who have never met have a series of (visual) conversations through drawings sent via email, they  communicate only visually through an intermediary. Here are 4 of my exchanges with my correspondent "Sarah". 

drawing 1

drawing 2

drawing 3

drawing 4

Info on the project can be found here :

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Work in progress for "Soft Power" installation. January 2012

These are 3 sculptures from a future group of 10 - 15 polystyrene diverse pieces which will be laminated in fibre-glass & painted very muted pastels..
Sculpture on the left approx 96 cms high

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Dolls"; Anglo-Indian touring show @ Sumukha Gallery, Bangalore, ArtChennai & Rob Dean Fine Art, London, curated by Marta Jakimowicz.

“Frilly doll”, January 2011

Photo from Deccan Herald & article on show -
Fibreglass, polystyrene, acrylic paint, p.v.a, paper-place mats (doilies). Size: h 110 x w 45

All that glitters III, January 2011

Fibreglass, acrylic paint, polystyrene, p.v.a. Size doll :h 71 x w 37 x d 51 cms. rose size:l 31 x w 8 x d 8 cms.

Images from the show & e-catalogue can be seen at &

Barbara Ash has been awarded the Artist’s Grant by The Arts Council of England, towards the Dolls project    

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